hscquery module

Module for accessing the Hyper Suprime-Cam Subaru Strategic Program database.

A valid account for the HSC Archive is needed to use this module. See HSC Online Registration.

Based on the python script developed by michitaro, NAOJ / HSC Collaboration. [Source]

class HSC(survey='wide', release_version='pdr1', columns='object_id, ra, dec', user=None, password_env='HSCPASSW')[source]

Bases: future.types.newobject.newobject

Main class for accessing the HSC-SSP database.

  • survey (str, optional) – Available surveys: ‘wide’, ‘deep’, ‘udeep’. By default is ‘wide’.
  • release_version (str, optional) – For the moment, only ‘pdr1’ is available (Public Data Release 1)
  • columns (str, optional) – List of selected columns for query results. See the HSP-SSP schema for details. By default is ‘object_id, ra, dec’.
  • user (str or None, optional) – Account name in the HSC-SSP database. If None, when an HSC object is initiated, the user can introduced the account name.
  • password_env (str, optional) – The account’s password can be stored in a system enviroment variable. By default the password is searched at HSCPASSW. If this environment variable doesn’t exist, the user is asked to introduce his password. Use the password_env option with caution, since your password can be easily exposed!
query_region(coords, radius, catalog='forced')[source]

Returns an astropy Table object with all sources from catalog catalog within radius radius around sky position coords.

  • coords (SkyCoord) – Search around this position.
  • radius (Quantity) – Search radius (angular units)
  • catalog (str, optional) –

    Available options: ‘forced’, ‘meas’, ‘specz’, or ‘random’. See the HSP-SSP schema for details. By default is ‘forced’.

send_query(sql, output_format='csv', output_file=None, delete_job=True)[source]

Send an SQL query sql.

If output_file is None, a preview of the results is shown. Otherwise, results are saved in a file with name output_file and in the format defined by output_format.

  • sql (str) – SQL query.
  • output_format (str, optional) – Available formats: ‘csv’, ‘csv.gz’, ‘sqlite3’, or ‘fits’.
  • output_file (str or None) – Name of the file for storing the query results. If None, a preview of the results is shown.
  • delete_job (bool) – Delete job and results from the user space. By default is True.
exception QueryError[source]

Bases: exceptions.Exception

Query error class.